Applied Linguistics Association of Australia

ALAA provides leadership in applied linguistics and supports the development of teaching, learning and research in the field.

Strategic Plan 2022-2024

Goal: To strengthen the community, profile and impact of Applied Linguistics in Australia by providing expert advice and advocacy, creating an inclusive community of scholars working with applied linguistics perspectives, and strengthening national and international relationships with other key organizations and stakeholders.
This goal will be achieved through following objectives:

Leadership and engagement

  • Providing expert knowledge and advocacy on language-related issues and initiatives at national and international levels
  • Promoting ALAA’s mission and activities with relevant stakeholders, including government, tertiary and schooling sectors, associations and community groups
  • Strengthening strategic partnerships and profile nationally and internationally, including through AILA
  • Curating the narrative of Applied Linguistics in Australia by profiling leading scholars


  • Strengthening the profile, relevance and impact of ARAL as the preeminent journal of applied linguistics in Australia
  • Promoting shared areas of interest and high quality research in applied linguistics through ARAL, ALAA’s annual conference and professional learning program
  • Monitoring and being proactive in addressing changes in academic publishing


Professional learning

  • Providing a program of differentiated professional learning opportunities to cater for diverse member groups
  • Establishing mentoring activities to nurture research higher degree students 
  • Promoting high calibre professional learning opportunities including the AILA Conference

Awards and scholarships 

  • Recognising outstanding and distinguished scholarship and service in Applied Linguistics
  • Increasing involvement of current and alumni research higher degree members
  • Recognising outstanding contributions in Applied Linguistics through ALAA awards and scholarships
Communication and information
  • Informing members in a timely way about developments and opportunities in the field and the work of ALAA in supporting members
  • Increasing involvement and voice of members through the members’ section of website
  • Furthering understanding of the profile and needs of members
  • Increasing membership through services, timely information, advocacy, and consultation

Governance and administration

  • Managing finances through regular planning, monitoring and transparent reporting of ALAA’s financial position to members
  • Continuing to maintain comprehensive and accessible documentation and archive
  • Reviewing and updating the Constitution and Working rules as needed
  • Providing effective transition/hand-over for members of ALAA Executive.

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