Advocacy and Engagement

ALAA has a long record of advocating on behalf of members and providing evidence-based advice and expertise on a range of language/s related issues and real-world problems and debates. See our ‘News’ page for further details. 
ALAA members regularly conduct research projects, consultancies and professional learning for groups and organisations, including government agencies, business, community organisations and other professional associations.
ALAA’s major activities include :
  • promotion of research and teaching in applied linguistics
  • support for public development of policy in relation to language issues
  • hosting an annual conference
  • producing the pre-eminent journal of Applied Linguistics in Australia, Australian Review of Applied Linguistics (ARAL)
  • providing scholarships for student research in applied linguistics
  • joint sponsorship of the Australian Linguistics Institute with the Australian Linguistic Society, and
  • advocating on members’ behalf to government and other bodies.

Keep up to date through ALAA for developments in teaching, learning, research and advocacy in Applied Linguistics.