The Applied Linguistics Conference 2020 (Postponed)


RMIT University, Melbourne
‚Äč23rd-25th November TBA
(Pre-conference workshops 22nd November)

Turbulent times: positioning, doing, and the future of applied linguistics

Applied linguistics is concerned with the application of language study to many areas (workplace, education, policy, mental & physical health, communication, international relations, media, criminal justice) for the betterment of the individual and collective good in diverse social and historical contexts. As such, applied linguistics is never politically and ethically neutral. Given the current turbulent times we live in (i.e. deepening of social unrest globally, rise of illiberal democracies, growing ecological disasters), the theme of the conference seeks to explore how as applied linguists we position/ought to position ourselves as a professional cohort and contribute to societal change.

Confirmed keynote speakers

Professor Meredith Marra, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, University of Wellington, New Zealand
Professor David Block, Departament d'Humanitats, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Dr Bentley James, Centre for Australian Studies, Universität zu Köln, Germany
The 2020 Christopher N Candlin Memorial Lecture will be given by Professor Joseph Lo Bianco, Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education

In the meantime, for any queries, please contact the conference convenors Kerry Mullan and Chantal Crozet

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